Nomination Form

Using this form, you can submit a science related project you think deserves funding. The nominations you make should abide to the following:

  • Nominations must follow the scientific method and the fruits of their labour should be publicly available in the future. The end result should end in peer reviewed publication, and our preference is to fund open access publication, so our community can view the studies results and data.
  • Nominations can be education related projects and organizations, and must have a clear STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) focus. There must be a clear structure to how the organization or project achieves it’s educational mission, and a clear target audience.
  • Nominations based on engineering and technology projects must achieve a clear scientific purpose that will preferably be open source, or open hardware. We do not want to fund the latest gadget for a commercial technology project. Likewise projects which attempt to address a major need, such as projects attempting new clean energy technologies, will also be considered.